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Crag Farm (Cookridge) (2 comments)
Black & White image1986 Ancient farmhouse which had its roots in the dissolution of Kirkstall Abbey. The land had previously been owned by the monastry then after the dissolution in 1583 it was bought by Gilbert Kirke. The first dwelling was thought to be a timber frame house erected by the Saxton family. Around 1595 this was extended by the then tenant George Kirke. At a later time, possibly 1639 - 1649 the earlier timber frame house was encased in stone. In the following years it remained a tenant farm with the Kirk, Wilson and Parkes families in occupation. In 1802 the stable and granary were built. The Bramhope Railway Tunnel was constructed in 1846, passing under the farmland. In 1919 Richard Wormald the owner of Cookridge Hall and estate sold to F.W. Wateridge for £5,800. Again various tenants resided in the house and farmed the land. A Baptist minister Peter Parkinson purchased the farmhouse and four fields, in 1987 he founded the Caring For Life charity which provides a home for young men, giving help and support for as long as needed.
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Crag Farm (Alwoodley) (2 comments)
Black & White image13th September 1951.View of Crag Farm's stone built farmhouse. More farm buildings are visible behind.
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Crag Farm (Alwoodley)
Black & White image13th September 1951.The yard and buildings of Crag Farm, an old stone-built farm with a slate roof.
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Crag Farm, Cottage Timbers (Cookridge)
Black & White image1986 Cottage attached to Crag Farm in state of dereliction. Timber structure can be seen.
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Crag Farm, Cottage Timbers (Cookridge)
Black & White image1986 Cottage attached to Crag Farm which has been partially demolished, revealing timbers.
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