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Creskeld Hall, Creskeld Lane (Arthington)
Black & White imageUndated, Creskeld Hall in the early years of the twentieth Century. It became part of the estate of the Rhode's family in 1846. The younger son of the family at this time, Francis Rhodes, married Charlotte Maria Darwin Cooper in 1849. She was a distant relative of Charles Darwin and Francis took the name 'Darwin'. They resided at Creskeld Hall and Francis, a barrister was also a magistrate for 48 years and had a life long interest in improving the area. Creskeld Hall is now used as the location of Home Farm in the filming of Emmerdale.
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Creskeld Hall, Creskeld Lane (Arthington) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated, Creskeld Hall may be recognised by the many viewers of Emmerdale as the setting for 'Home Farm'. It is the only location which has survived the show's entire run. This is an early 1900s view. The 1881 Census lists the family of Francis Darwin as being in residence. Originally Francis Rhodes he became Darwin on his marriage to Charlotte Darwin. They both had distant family connections with Charles Darwin.
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Creskeld Hall, Creskeld Lane (Arthington)
Black & White image1986 View shows a tree lined drive leading to Creskeld Hall from Creskeld Lane. Creskeld Hall is a Grade II listed building dating mainly from the 19th Century, but with a kitchen wing and chapel believed to have originated in late medieval times. It was once home to the Rhodes family and was later the residence of Col. Sir Malcolm Stoddart-Scott, Conservative MP for Pudsey and Otley and then for Ripon until his death in 1973. Since 1973 Creskeld Hall has become better known as the location for "Home Farm" in the YTV soap "Emmerdale".
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