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Location - Leeds & District

Footbridge over York Road Flyover, painting in progress (Quarry Hill) (1 comment)
Colour imagec1991/2. Two workmen on an access platform are painting the footbridge over York Road Flyover. The footbridge crosses the road from Quarry House, the Department of Health and Social Security, (under construction at the time of this image) to St. Mary's Street. Behind the workers the playground of St. Peter's Church of England Primary School is visible with red brick walls surrounding it. The school re-located to a new site in Cromwell Street in 1993, situated behind the old site. The old red brick building dates from 1873 when it opened as St. Charles Roman Catholic School. The high rise flats in the background are Cromwell Heights, off Cromwell Street.
[internal reference; 200826_166044:LEO 2726]
Mabgate and Burmantofts, aerial view (Mabgate) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of the Mabgate (left) and Burmantofts (right) areas of the city. In the centre the 3 tower blocks of Cromwell Heights look to be recently built as the road layout around is yet to be completed. Cromwell Street is to the right of these with Green Road (now Lincoln Green Road) running from left to right across the centre and Cherry Row leading up to the top. Further blocks of flats appear to be under construction in the background, right; these are probably Spalding Towers and Grantham Towers, with Boston Towers yet to be built to the left of them. St. Mary's Church is in the foreground with St. Mary's Street in front and St. Charles R.C. School on the bottom left. At the top left is the junction of Sheepscar Street South, Cross Stamford Street and Regent Street.
[internal reference; 2010127_170132:C LIB CENTRAL 111]
Mabgate, aerial view (Mabgate) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of the east of Leeds City Centre showing the Mabgate area in the foreground. Quarry Hill Flats are partly visible on the left edge with Eastgate roundabout just above and another roundabout to the right of them, which has since been replaced by the Inner Ring Road flyover. Leading off this roundabout are, clockwise from top left, Eastgate, New York Road, Regent Street, Mabgate and New York Road again. On the top right is North Street while on the bottom towards the left are the tower blocks of Cromwell Heights. St. Mary's Church is partly visible on the left below Quarry Hill Flats.
[internal reference; 200865_166885:S LIB MAGB 1]
St. Mary's Church, from St. Mary's Lane (Mabgate)
Black & White imageMay/June 1964. View of St. Mary's Church, extreme left, looking across to where New Church Place once stood. St. Mary's Lane runs across from left to right. The junction in the foreground is thought to be with Gibson Street although the streets in this area were in the process of being cleared, in readiness for the building of Agnes Stewart C. of E. High School. Balconies of Cromwell Heights are visible at the right edge.
[internal reference; 201133_171890:SRF 779.442819 MAC/7]
St. Mary's Church, from St. Mary's Lane (Mabgate)
Black & White imageMay/June 1964. View from land in the process of being cleared, the former site of old red brick terraced streets. These included Lyndhurst Street, Old Hall Street and Gibson Street. Later Agnes Stewart C. of E. High School was built on the site. Across the centre of the image is St. Mary's Lane and part of St. Mary's Church can be seen at the left edge. At the right edge Cromwell Heights, high rise flats, are visible. Between the church and the flats New Church Place was once situated.
[internal reference; 201139_171917:May/June 1964]