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Location - Leeds & District

Bolland Street, looking towards Quarry Mount Primary School (Woodhouse) (1 comment)
Black & White image1970. View of Bolland Street showing back-to-back terraced houses on both sides with washing hung on lines across the street. This area was shortly to be demolished despite the good condition of the terraces. Quarry Mount Primary School is seen in the background on Cross Quarry Street.
[internal reference; 2012123_173194:SRQ 942.819 WOO 92]
Bolland Street, looking towards Quarry Mount Primary School (Woodhouse)
Colour imageAugust 1985. View looking up Bolland Street towards Quarry Mount Primary School situated on Cross Quarry Street. Terraced housing on the bottom half of Bolland Street has already been demolished and the rest would follow soon after. Houses on the far right on Thomas Street would remain intact though and are still there today (2013).
[internal reference; 2013115_174708:LEO 7347]
Christopher Road, looking south (Woodhouse)
Colour imageAugust 1985. Looking south along Christopher Road towards Woodhouse Street in an area of red brick terraced housing. Streets leading off include Back Glossop Street, Glossop Street and Beulah View on the left and Cross Quarry Street on the right. Houses numbered 27 and 25 Christopher Road are seen on the right, with numbers continuing down to 1 after the junction. St. Mark's Church is visible in the distance.
[internal reference; 2013114_174706:LEO 7345]
Cross Quarry Street, looking east (Woodhouse)
Black & White imageAugust 1985. View of Cross Quarry Street looking east. Junctions with Thomas Street, Quarry Place, Quarry Street and Christopher Road are on the right before the road becomes Glossop Street as it bears towards the left. On the far left, a fence encloses the grounds of Quarry Mount Primary School, followed by the junction with Quarry Street.
[internal reference; 20131031_174700:LEO 7339]
Cross Quarry Street, looking east (Woodhouse) (1 comment)
Colour imageAugust 1985. Looking east along Cross Quarry Street from the junction with Quarry Street. After the next junction (Christopher Road) Cross Quarry Street becomes Glossop Street where a row of red brick terraced houses numbered 2 to 10 are seen. In the foreground are nos. 26 (left) and 24 (right) Quarry Street which are back-to-backs with 25 and 23 Christopher Road.
[internal reference; 2013115_174711:LEO 7350]