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Location - Leeds & District

Dulverton Green and Churwell, from Cottingley (Cottingley)
Colour image1970s. Long distance view from Cottingley, showing Dulverton Green and Dulverton crescent in the foreground, and Churwell in the background beyond the railway line. Elland Road runs diagonally from the left. Taken between 1971 and 1973.
[internal reference; 2006713_161548:LEO 1218]
Dulverton Green, looking north-west (Cottingley)
Colour image1985. View of Dulverton Green looking north-west towards the flats of Cottingley Towers and Cottingley Heights. On the left is the edge of no.17, behind this no.29 and facing the camera to the right nos.39-45. The trees just visible beyond the rooftops are reputed to be original trees from Cottingley Hall's walled garden.
[internal reference; 2009106_169526:LEO 4427]