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Location - Leeds & District

Eccup Reservoir (Eccup) (2 comments)
Colour image2003 Eccup reservoir, situated off Alwoodley Lane/Eccup Moor Road, with Sand Moor golf course adjacent. The reservoir was constructed in 1897 by Leeds Corporation to supply water for the city. Two service reservoirs were also built at Weetwood and Woodhouse Moor. New impounding reservoirs were built at Fewston, Swinsty and Lindley.
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Eccup Reservoir (Eccup)
Colour image2003 View of Eccup reservoir, on the right is a roadway around the site, a popular walk. Access from Alwoodley Lane or Eccup Moor Road. The Sand Moor golf course is also adjacent. In 1987 Eccup was designated to be an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest), bird watching being an extremely popular activity.
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Eccup Reservoir (Eccup)
Colour imageAugust 2014. View of Eccup Reservoir. A large pipe has been exposed due to the low water levels.
[internal reference; 201752_176085:LEO 8527]
Eccup Reservoir covered over with snow. (Eccup)
Colour imageWinter 2009. Wintry view of Eccup Reservoir with a covering of snow.
[internal reference; 201752_176082:LEO 8524]
Eccup Reservoir in low water (Eccup)
Colour imageAugust 2014. Image shows Eccup Reservoir photographed when water levels were low.
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