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Location - Leeds & District

Elm Street, from Johnston Street (Woodhouse) (4 comments)
Black & White image1970. View shows Elm Street which leads from Johnston Street to Ganton View then via a flight of steps up to Ganton Mount above. Terraced houses are on both sides.
[internal reference; 2012118_173186:SRQ 942.819 WOO 84]
Ganton View, looking south-west (Woodhouse) (6 comments)
Black & White image1970. Looking south-west along Ganton View. In the centre a break in the terrace at the corner of the street makes way for railings above a stone retaining wall which separates the road from Johnston Street below. On the left are no.54 and 52 Ganton View, with nos.50 and 48 following on around the corner; no.51 is on the right
[internal reference; 2012118_173181:SRQ 942.819 WOO 79]
Johnston Street, looking north-east (Woodhouse)
Black & White image1970. Looking north-east along Johnston Street. A stone retaining wall with railings above separates the road from Ganton View on the left. Another level down to the right is a cleared area where Melville Street, Row and Terrace had been. In the distance the view looks towards Meanwood Valley.
[internal reference; 2012118_173180:SRQ 942.819 WOO 78]
Johnston Street, nos. 35-79 (Woodhouse) (7 comments)
Colour image3rd January 1976. View looking across to Johnston Street through a cleared area where the Melville and Speedwell streets used to be. Rubble from recently demolished houses can be seen in the foreground. Houses on Johnston Street are numbered (from left) 35 to 65 on the left hand side and 67 to 79 on the right. Ganton View, which forms back-to-backs with Johnston Street, is just visible through the gap in the centre; the end houses of the rows at either side of the gap, which face onto Ganton View, are numbered 50 and 52. Melville Place can be seen on the right.
[internal reference; 2013115_174713:LEO 7327]