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Beeston Royds Industrial Estate, Beeston Near Royds, Gelderd Road (Beeston) (2 comments)
Black & White image4th July 1980. Beeston Royds Industrial Estate, Gelderd Road, showing the new premises for Robson Power Tools Ltd. This was a hire business with light industrial plant machinery, electrial hammers etc. available. To the left is a block of flats, one of the Cottingley development. This area is known as Beeston Near Royds.
[internal reference; 2004728_81725711:S LIP BEES 19]
Bridge on Gelderd Road (Wortley) (3 comments)
Black & White image16th October 1935. Railway bridge running over Gelderd Road on the left hand side is a big billboard for Oxo with a big picture of Henry VIII and the message; 'Henry VIII had six wives - your home comfort is Oxo.' Bridge has a minimum headroom of 15'-10". Billboard on the right says; 'Marsh's Sausages - The World's Best.' On the right is an embankment leading up to the railway line. Road looks north-east towards Leeds and has a gradient of 1 in 20.
[internal reference; 9432:CLIC GELD 29]
Bridge over Wortley Beck (Wortley)
Black & White imageView showing the construction of bridge over Wortley Beck.
[internal reference; 200294_20228213:C LIW Wortley (23)]
Bridge over Wortley Beck, Gelderd Road (Hunslet)
Black & White image3rd September 1936. View looking down Gelderd Road towards Wortley. New bridge built over Wortley Beck. Symmetrical stone bridges with stone walls to the left and right of both sides of the road. Three gas lamp posts in view on the right hand side of the road.
[internal reference; 9445:CLIC Geld 19]
Bridge over Wortley Beck, Gelderd Road (Hunslet)
Black & White image3rd September 1936. A car comes down the road away from the photographer. View from Gelderd Road looking out over Hunslet Valley. Newly constructed bridge over Wortley Beck with stone walls at either side. In the distance is a railway line and London and Midland and Scottish railway bridge. A freight train is coming from the east. In the distance is Monk Bridge Sports Club and 7 chimneys.
[internal reference; 9446:CLIC Geld 18]