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Location - Leeds & District

Carlton Lane, looking north east (Rothwell)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Carlton Lane, looking north east and showing a group of streets of terraced houses. From right are: Open View, Penny Bank Street, Hallbrook Street, Greenfield Avenue, and Sydney Street. By 1954 demolition of the streets had begun, and the area is now a modern housing development.
[internal reference; 2018414_176579:LEO 8970]
Greenfield Avenue road surface (Rothwell)
Black & White image1914. View of Greenfield Avenue off Carlton Lane, taken before road was made. Rows of terraced houses, pavement and un-made road surface with ruts and water filled pot-holes.
[internal reference; 200226_4101198:RO 1386]
Greenfield site at the rear of the The Coppice and Greenlea Close (Yeadon) (3 comments)
Colour image13th July 2009. View of the greenfield site to the back of the houses on The Coppice and Greenlea Close.
[internal reference; 200984_169322:LEO 4290]
Wesley Place, view looking north (Richmond Hill) (11 comments)
Black & White image1969. View from high ground above Wesley Place which is seen on the left where it starts as a bridge crossing the railway line. Rows of sheds are seen in the foreground then various factories and warehouse buildings in the middle distance including the large building on the right now the site of HLN Supplies and the one behind that to the left now Paul White's gift wrapping and stationery, facing here onto Greenfield Road. Beyond these past York Road are houses/flats in the Haslewood Drive / Rigton Drive area then in the distance at the top left are buildings of St. James's Hospital including its chapel. Thanks to all who have helped in identifying the location of this photograph.
[internal reference; 2015210_175378:LEO 8008]