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Location - Leeds & District

Grosvenor Avenue no. 1 (Little London)
Black & White image12th June 1967 View looks from Grosvenor Hill onto property on Grosvenor Avenue. The building in view had been the Camp Road Baptist Church with a caretakers house in the centre which was number 1 Grosvenor Avenue. After slum clearance this area which is situated between Little London and Woodhouse, was greatly redeveloped.
[internal reference; 2003624_68183536:WYAS Oatland Lane (Bristol Road) Box 84, no. 12]
Grosvenor Avenue no. 1, Grosvenor Hill no. 13 (Little London) (1 comment)
Black & White image12th June 1967 This view looks from Grosvenor Avenue onto the former Camp Road Baptist Chapel, which at the time was a warehouse. In the centre is number 1 Grosvenor Avenue which had been the caretaker's house. The chapel faced onto Grosvenor Hill on the left and was numbered 13 Grosvenor Hill; at one time (up to about 1950) this road had been officially known as Camp Road, being an extension to that part of the road which is now called Oatland Lane. The chapel was previously addressed as no. 175a Camp Road.
[internal reference; 2003624_22596377:WYAS Oatland Lane (Bristol Road) Box 84, no. 11]
Grosvenor Avenue, looking from number 10 Well Close Terrace (Little London) (4 comments)
Colour imagec1960s. View of Grosvenor Avenue, taken from number 10 Well Close Terrace, a street of through, red brick terraced homes. In the foreground, right, at number 61 Grosvenor Avenue, is the fish-and-chip shop belonging to Ernest Carter.
[internal reference; 201061_170802:LEO 6016]