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Harewood Castle (Harewood)
Black & White image1918 Photographed in 1918 by Harold Grainger. Harewood Castle dating from the mid 1300s was of square construction, with an additional kitchen to the west. There were also towers and a portcullis chamber over the entrance. It is part of the Harewood Estate.
[internal reference; 2003924_53889102:Thoresby, Grainger, Leeds and District Portfolio, no. 20]
Harewood Castle (Harewood)
Black & White image1918 Harewood Castle was licensed in 1367, this view of the Hall shows an elaborate recess with ornamental arch. The caption on the photograph refers to this as a stone sideboard of beauffet, this was taken in 1918 by Harold Grainger.
[internal reference; 2003924_68153018:Thoresby, Grainger, Leeds and District Portfolio, no. 19]
Harewood Castle (Harewood)
Black & White image1994. Harewood Castle was built by Robert de Lisle in the 14th Century and is located in Harewood Park at the extreme north of the village on a ridge near the main road. The tower house is rectangular with four angle-towers and an entrance on the ground floor of the north tower. On the ground floor is the Great Hall with the remains of a great fireplace in the east wall and an ornate recess in the south wall. Above the Great Hall was the solar. To the west of the tower house was the kitchen on a level with the hall. Below was a large, barrel-vaulted basement while above, two upper floors served as dormitories for servants. The remains still stand and are now Grade 1 listed buildings.
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Harewood Castle showing the chapel windows over the east entrance (Harewood)
Black & White image1994. Image shows Harewood Castle located off the west side of Harrogate Road. It is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and Grade 1 listed, being the finest example of a medieval fortified Tower House in Yorkshire. Here, the pointed-arched doorway with chamfered surround at the east entrance can be seen. The groove for the portcullis still exists. Above the portcullis chamber there is the remains of a traceried chapel window at third floor level. It is flanked by carved stone shields depicting the coat-of-arms of Edward Baliol, King of Scotland, left, and the Aldburgh coat-of-arms, right. Harewood Castle was the seat of Sir William de Aldburgh who was a high ranking messenger in the service of Edward Baliol. An inscription over the rectangular window reads in Latin 'Vat Sal be Sal', or translated 'What Shall be Shall. Image courtesy of Paul Baker
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Harewood Castle, architectural detail (Harewood)
Black & White image1994. View of architectural detail at Harewood Castle, a fortified Manor House dating back to the fourteenth century. It is the best example of a fortified tower - house in Yorkshire as it is still in its original state with hardly any structural alteration. Harewood Castle is Grade I listed. Image courtesy of Paul Baker.
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