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Location - Leeds & District

Hawkins Place no. 1, Hawkins Street nos. 18, 20 (Little London) (1 comment)
Black & White image19th June 1967 On the left of this view number 1 Hawkins Place can be seen on the gable end. Moving right, an off licence and grocers, business of C.M. Vasey can be seen. This is number 20 Hawkins Street. Number 18 follows to the right with an outside toilet block on the right edge.
[internal reference; 2003625_99291629:WYAS Oatland Lane (Bristol Road) Box 84, no. 89]
Hawkins Place, from Duxbury Street (Little London)
Black & White image1970. View of Hawkins Place looking south-east from Duxbury Street, towards Kenealy Street running left to right in the background. Streets crossing Hawkins Place in between are Livinia Street, Prosperity Street, Clay Pit Street, Bristol Road, Well Close Road and Hawkins Street. These streets were part of a designated clearance area and some demolition has already taken place, with a block of houses on the left between Livinia Street and Prosperity Street having been pulled down. This site is now taken up by Carlton View, Carlton Place and Carlton Grove.
[internal reference; 201216_173082:SRQ 942.819 WOO 11]
Livinia Street, looking north-east (Little London) (1 comment)
Black & White image1970. View of Livinia Street looking north-east from Well Close View to Hawkins Place and beyond towards Meanwood Road at the bottom of the valley. Houses on the lower part of Livinia Street, below Hawkins Place, have been demolished and the rest of the street was soon to follow as part of a large-scale slum clearance of terraced housing in the area.
[internal reference; 201219_173084:SRQ 942.819 WOO 13]