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Headingley College, postcard (Headingley)
Colour imagec1906. Colour-tinted postcard with a postal date of 29th July 1906 showing Headingley College off Headingley Lane. This Wesleyan Methodist College for the training of missionaries was opened in 1886. It is now (2011) a pastoral and conference centre for the Diocese of Leeds and has been renamed Hinsley Hall.
[internal reference; 2011712_172396:Artemis Pack 53 (Headingley/West Park) no.18]
Headingley College, postcard (Headingley)
Colour imageUndated. Colour-tinted postcard showing Headingley College, the Wesleyan Methodist training college for missionaries opened in 1886. Situated off Headingley Lane, it is now known as Hinsley Hall and is a pastoral and conference centre of the Diocese of Leeds.
[internal reference; 2011712_172397:Artemis Pack 53 (Headingley/West Park) no.19]
Hinsley Hall, Pastoral and Conference Centre (Headingley)
Colour imageJuly 2005. View shows Hinsley Hall Catholic Archives and Pastoral and Conference Centre, situated off Headingley Lane. Originally named Headingley College, it was built in 1886 as a Wesleyan Methodist College.
[internal reference; 2017111_176330:LEO 8705]