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Location - Leeds & District

Headingley Tram Depot, number 112 Otley Road (Headingley)
Black & White image1937. View of Headingley Tram Depot located at number 112 Otley Road. The brand new brick building replaced the old Headingley Depot, which underwent demolition in 1934. Extra adjoining land was also purchased to build a bus garage and the buildings cost in the region of £654,000.
[internal reference; 2012117_173159:LQ 388 L517/189]
Headingley Tram Depot, Otley Road, watercolour painting by Pete Lapish (Headingley) (3 comments)
Colour imagec1954. Watercolour painting by artist, Pete Lapish, showing the Headingley Tram Depot on Otley Road. On the left is a Horsfield tram on route number 1 to Lawnswood. On the right the corporation bus is travelling on route 93 into Leeds. A Chamberlain tram is visible in the centre background, just emerging from the depot. The artist was familiar with this area as he regularly travelled by tram, or cycled, to Lawnswood School (Leeds Modern) as a boy. At the right edge is the Woodman Hotel, now known as Woodies Ale House, at number 104 Otley Road, located at the junction with St. Chad's Road.
[internal reference; 201038_170395:LEO 4861]