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Location - Leeds & District

Armley Heights Library, Heights Drive (Armley)
Colour image1995. View showing Armley Heights Branch Library at no. 36 Heights Drive in the centre of the picture. Notice and posters cover the windows. Just visible on the left is Dewhirst Newsagents at no. 38, while on the right is the SVP Charity shop at no. 34.
[internal reference; 20081020_167598:SMALL BRANCH LIBRARIES 1995 PACK 3/10]
Heights Drive, nos. 34 - 40. (Armley)
Colour image1995. View of Heights Drive showing nos.34 to 40. On the right is the SVP Charity Shop at no. 34, with clothes and shoes displayed outside. Next to this, no. 36 is Armley Heights Library, one of Leeds City Libraries' small branches, then at no. 38 is Dewhirsts Newsagents and Post Office.
[internal reference; 20081021_167599:SMALL BRANCH LIBRARIES 1995 PACK 3/11]
Heights Drive, number 209, little girl seated on outhouse steps (Armley)
Black & White imagec1959. Image shows a little girl seated on the outhouse steps of number 209 Heights Drive, part of a newly built estate. In the background there is the large chimney belonging to James Corson & Co. Ltd. situated on Swallow Hill, Tong Road, manufacturers of schoolwear.
[internal reference; 2009811_169335:LEO 4299]
Heights Drive, numbers 207 and 209 (Armley) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1959. Black and white image showing a newly built pair of semi-detached houses, numbers 207 and 209 Heights Drive. A small child stands in the garden of number 209. The gardens are quite bare and there is yet no privet hedging. A public footpath runs along the bottom of the gardens.
[internal reference; 2008513_166722:LEO 2995]
Heights Drive, young girl in Northcote School uniform (Armley)
Black & White imagec1963-64. View shows a young girl (Bernadette McNamara) dressed in the summer uniform of Northcote Private School. She is standing in the front garden of her home at 209 Heights Drive, with no. 207 visible behind her and no. 4 Heights Way in the background. Northcote School was situated at no. 146 Town Street, Armley, and its former pupils include the author Barbara Taylor Bradford. The blazer and beret were of a bottle green colour with the school badge in green and yellow. The summer dress was white with pale green and yellow stripes at the bottom and a chevron design at the top.
[internal reference; 2018117_176440:LEO 8776]