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Bridge Street, Hope Street (Leylands)
Black & White image29th January 1909 Showing deep excavations, part of the Hope Street improvements. A deep channel has been dug and this is supported by timber scaffolds. There is a ladder which is the means of getting down. There are two surveyors standing in the channel beside an old well which they have discovered. There is some sort of machinery visible in the top left hand corner, impossible to identify.
[internal reference; 2002326_77367801:C LIC Bridge (3)]
Copenhagen Street (Leylands)
Black & White image15th February 1909 Copenhagen Street is on the left, the right side of the street has been demolished, with Hope Street to construct New York Road, running from North Street to Regent Street. The building site has fencing made of planks and doors around it.
[internal reference; 2002515_11019533:C LIC Copen (4)]
Hope Street (Leylands)
Black & White image30th September 1909. Construction of New York Road between North Street and Regent Street, along the line of Hope Street. Old property had been demolished for road improvements. View of a cellar under the new road. Workman in cellar, a board over his head gives details.
[internal reference; 2002318_24796694:C LIE Hope (1)]
Hope Street (Leylands) (1 comment)
Black & White image8th February 1908 Junction with Sun Street, prior to demolition for construction of York Road. Hope Street was bounded by North Street and Regent Street to the south. premises shown here were approximately half way down. Faded notices indicate premises were multi-purpose, occupied by Bryant and May matches, Jacob Gordon, grocer, Milkmaid company. Workmen with measuring rod, one climbing out of upper window, one posing at the foot. It is thought that part of the building was also used as a Synagogue by the Jewish Community. Onlookers are on the street corners. Shop at corner of Sun Street has advertising signs for Nestles milk, Milkmaid milk, Suchard cocoa.
[internal reference; 2002412_12870425:C LI Hope (1)]
Hope Street (Leylands)
Black & White image22nd November 1908 Looking from North Street end to Regent Street, prior to construction of York Road. Street sign on end of wall is for Copenhagen Street, which ran parallel to the left. Fenced off area filled with advertising posters, including 'Velma' chocolate, 'Camp' coffee, Cadbury's cocoa and chocolate, Fry's cocoa and chocolate, 'Zebra' grate polish. On the right, gas lamp and premises of George Riley, mattress maker (number 8). The church spire is that of St Marys, Mabgate.
[internal reference; 2002412_14641970:C LIC Hope (5)]