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Hyde Park Picture House, Brudenell Road (Hyde Park) (4 comments)
Colour imagec2001. View shows the Hyde Park Picture House on the corner of Queen's Road (left) and Brudenell Road (right). This small cinema was opened on the 7th November 1914 during the First World War and the first film shown was Their Only Son, a patriotic drama. Despite the war years audiences grew with the cinema being a vital source for news bulletins and war footage as well as escapism. It continued its success after the war and throughout the twentieth century, and kept on going while other cinemas were closing down all around in face of competition from TV, video, DVDs and the mulitplex cinemas etc. In 1989 it was threatened with closure but was saved by Leeds City Council and taken over by the Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House Ltd., an independent company within the council who are also resonsible for preserving the Grand Theatre and the City Varieties. It is still going strong today (2012) showing a mix of art house and mainstream films, backed up by screenings of classics. The Grade II listed building occupies the site of a social club built c1908 but it is unclear whether or not the cinema was adopted from that building or was a completely new build in 1914. The ornate gas lamps outside are also Grade II listed.
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