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Location - Leeds & District

Junction Inn, Floods (Methley)
Black & White image1960. A man looks on at the view of the Junction Inn, Watergate, submerged in water, following the floods of 26th November 1960. A smaller building to the left is submerged up to the roof.
[internal reference; 2002211_24639529:RO 1281]
Watergate - Floods (Methley)
Black & White imageNovember 1960. Men in rowing boat outside the Junction Inn, Watergate, following the floods of 26th November 1960. Caused by heavy rain which caused the River Calder to burst its banks, flooding the Westgate area of Methley. View is of front of Junction Inn, part submerged in water. The top of a street lamp is visible above level of water.
[internal reference; 2002212_98269290:RO1290]
Watergate - Floods, flooded road (Methley)
Black & White imageDecember 1960. Women walk on flooded road, whilst a schoolgirl looks on from grass verge. On the left is the Junction Inn public house.
[internal reference; 2002212_40082949:RO1283]