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Location - Leeds & District

Kendal Lane no. 11, Back Belle Vue Terrace (Little Woodhouse) (1 comment)
Black & White image21st August 1959 Number 9 Kendal Lane is partly in view on the left, an off-licence shop, there is a sign for John Smith's Magnet Ales. Next, 11 is a house at the corner with Belle Vue Terrace. Several children in swim-suits are posing, it was presumably a hot day.
[internal reference; 2004122_15453738:WYAS Kendal Terrace, Box 352, no. 9]
Kendal Lane no. 29 (Little Woodhouse) (2 comments)
Black & White image4th November 1969 Image shows a shop promoting Taddy Ales, Players and Capstan cigarettes and Wall's icecream. On the far left is Kendal Square. Also visible are the rear entrances to through terraced houses numbers 20 and 22 Victoria Terrace.
[internal reference; 20031114_19132632:WYAS Belle Vue Road (Belle Vue Terrace) Box 137, no. 19]
Kendal Lane nos. 21 - 27 (Little Woodhouse) (1 comment)
Black & White image4th November 1969 Image shows a row of through terraced houses each with a private front yard. On the right of number 27 is Kendal Square.
[internal reference; 20031114_77212161:WYAS Belle Vue Road (Belle Vue Terrace) Box 137, no. 18]
Kendal Lane nos. 5a, 5b, 5d, 7 (Little Woodhouse) (1 comment)
Black & White image30th September 1959 These buildings on Kendal Lane were to the rear of Denison Hall, which fronted onto Hanover Square. In common with other large residences of the period (built 1786) there were stables and workshops as part of the estate. On the left is an entrance to the gardens, next numbered 5B is a hairdressing business. An arched entrance to an enclosed yard, former stables, has a sign 'Wordsworths Garage'. Moving right 5D appears to be a dwelling, 5A is W. Geldard, boot repairs then the corner with Kendal Terrace is at the right edge.
[internal reference; 2004122_51423281:WYAS Kendal Terrace, Box 352, no. 20]
Kendal Lane nos. 5B (Little Woodhouse)
Black & White image30th September 1959 Number 5B Kendal Lane is the hairdressing business on the left, this is next to an entrance to the grounds and stable yard of Denison Hall. The archway would have led to the stable yard to the back of Denison Hall in this view being used as 'Wordsworths Garage'.
[internal reference; 2004122_33559817:WYAS Kendal Terrace, Box 352, no. 22]