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Search Aspect (Killingbeck Meadows )
Location - Leeds & District

Killingbeck Meadows, view of the north-south footpath (Killingbeck)
Colour imageUndated. Image shows the north-south footpath which runs through Killingbeck Meadows. The area is of historical interest with strong evidence of medieval farming, including links to the Templars of Newsam and the Cistercian monks of Kirkstall Abbey. There are also important discoveries dating back to the Bronze Age. The name 'Killingbeck' may derive from one of several sources. 'Kille' or 'Cille' is an Old Danish personal name, or Cylla in Old English. 'Kiolingr' means 'young goat' or 'kid' in Old Norse. 'Bekkr' is Old Norse for 'stream' (From the place-names of the West Riding of Yorkshire by A.H. Smith.) Image courtesy of John Garnett.
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