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Knostrop Sewage Works (Knostrop)
Black & White imageUndated Image shows the Knostrop Sewage works initially opened in 1848. A continual programme of building and modernisation has taken place since the works first opened. This programme included in 1985 a £19 million upgrade of the works.
[internal reference; 2004723_66453189:T LIP Sewage 1]
Knostrop Sewage Works (Knostrop)
Colour image16th November 2008. Image shows part of Knostrop Sewage Works in Knowsthorpe Lane. The photograph was taken from the bottom of Knowsthorpe Gate on the Cross Green Industrial Estate. A much older image of this building can also be viewed on the Leodis Website. ID 200894_167166
[internal reference; 20081124_167936:LEO 3549]
Knostrop Sewage works, concrete slab (Knostrop)
Black & White imageAugust 1904. View of Knostrop Sewage Works showing the area for the production of concrete blocks. A wooden mixing box and mould is in the centre and mesh inserts can be seen. In the background are houses on Knowsthorpe Terrace, known locally as the ABC houses as they were numbered alphabetically rather than numerically.
[internal reference; 2002815_12131899:C LIP Knostrop (74)]
Knostrop Sewage Works, Knowsthorpe Lane (Knostrop) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View of the office belonging to Knostrop Sewage Works, a brick building with arched windows. A sign above the doorway reads 'Sewage Works Office Entrance'. Leeds Corporation opened Knostrop Sewage Works in Knowsthorpe Lane in 1848, and over the years it has undergone various programmes of modernisation. Between the years of 1898 and 1906 Knostrop Sewage Works was the focus of research into the process and disposal of sewage. The site benefitted from being surrounded by standard gauge railways. This enabled sidings to be constructed to the Great Northern and Waterloo Main branch lines for the transportation of sewage sludge etc., but by 1908 the sewage works had its own narrow gauge railway.
[internal reference; 200894_167166:LEO 3629b]
Knostrop Sewage Works, Knowsthorpe Lane (Knostrop)
Black & White imageUndated. View showing part of Knostrop Sewage Works on Knowsthorpe Lane.
[internal reference; 200894_167167:LEO 3632b]