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Langbar Grange Residential Flats. (Swarcliffe) (9 comments)
Colour image2000. This photograph is most likely taken from the vicinity of Stanks Drive looking across green space to Langbar Grange, a 15-storey, 44 metre high block of flats built in 1966. This is one of six tower blocks to be demolished as part os a £100M scheme to re-develop the Swarcliffe estate. 710 new homes will be built and 1600 houses and flats will be renovated and refurbished. Swarcliffe has been chosen by the government as a Public Private Finance Initiative.
[internal reference; 2003911_11242312:MIL A/1. No.24]
Langbar Grange Residential Flats. (Swarcliffe)
Colour image2000. Looking towards Langbar Grange flats from the Brayton Estate, possibly Brayton Grove. Langbar Grange, situated in Langbar Approach, is a brick built block with 15 floors, built to a height of 44 metres in 1966. When these houses were originally built they were designed to be all-electric, hence no chimneys.
[internal reference; 2003911_19424075:MIL B/1. No.1]
Langbar Grange, prior to demolition (Swarcliffe)
Colour image2006. View of Langbar Grange taken in 2006 shortly before its demolition. Situated on Langbar Approach, this 15-storey block of flats was built in 1966 and reached a height of 44 metres. It was one of 10 tower blocks in the area that were demolished in the 2000s. Image courtesy of Leslie Cole.
[internal reference; 2012612_173682:LEO 6741]
Langbar Towers, demolition (Swarcliffe)
Colour image2003. View shows Langbar Towers in the process of demolition. This 15-storey tower block on Swarcliffe Avenue was one of ten in the area demolished during the 2000s. Because of its close proximity to other housing it could not be demolished by explosion so it needed to be taken apart in stages. Ash Tree Grange was demolished at the same time. In the background is another block of flats, Langbar Grange, which was demolished in 2006.
[internal reference; 20121129_174194:LEO 6730]
Langbar Towers, demolition (Swarcliffe)
Colour image2003. View shows the demolition taking place of Langbar Towers on Swarcliffe Avenue. This block of high-rise flats was constructed in 1966 and contained 15 storeys at a total height of 44 metres. Work on the demolition began in July 2003. It was one of 10 tower blocks in Swarcliffe which were demolished in the 2000s as part of a redevelopment plan for the area. Another one, Langbar Grange, is just seen in the background on the left. Image courtesy of Leslie Cole.
[internal reference; 2012611_173666:LEO 6726]