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Lawns House School, junction of Chapel Lane and Lawns Lane (Farnley) (7 comments)
Black & White imagec1952. Birds eye view of Lawns House School at the junction of Chapel Lane and Lawns Lane. From 1943 to 1957 it was for the education of the deaf and partially deaf children. From 1947 some of the pupils were accommodated at nearby Farnley Hall. On the closure of Lawns House School in 1957 pupils were transferred to Elmete Hall at Roundhay. The building was purpose built as the James Graham Open Air School, known in 1932 as the 'Farnley Open Air School for Debilitated Children'. It catered for children with health problems such as T.B., Scarlet Fever, Asthma etc. St. Michael & All Angels Church can be seen at the top edge of the image with Lawns Lane running beside it. There is a glimpse of Chapel Lane through the trees and behind the buildings in the background. Only the main building, Lawns House, remains standing. The other properties have been demolished and the site is now a housing estate.
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