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Location - Leeds & District

Aerial View looking north east (City Centre)
Colour image5th October 1999 View looking north east from the roof of Leeds Town Hall. The Electric press and Leonardo building can be seen on the left. The Leonardo building was part of the former City of Leeds School from 1975, before becoming Leeds City Council offices in 1998.
[internal reference; 2002812_90790958:MIL 36/23A]
Annie Tunnington, veteran poppy seller in the Garden of Remembrance (City Centre) (3 comments)
Black & White image7th November, 1976. Image shows ex-servicewoman and veteran poppy seller for 54 years, 81 year-old Annie Tunnington. She is posing for the camera in her regular spot beside the War Memorial in the Garden of Remembrance on the Headrow, with the clock tower of Leeds Town Hall in the background. Annie, born in 1895, first began selling poppies in 1922, when only in her twenties, as a response to the plight of servicemen wounded in the First World War, including that of her younger brother, Joe (born 22nd December, 1897). Private Joe Tunnington (20657) survived the Battle of the Somme of 1916 but sadly returned home in 1917, shell-shocked and disabled as a result. He gave his sister a tiny oil painting of a racehorse that he had made during his convalescence and she was very moved when she saw the unsteady brushstrokes of the injured young man. From that moment she vowed to do all that she could to support others such as Joe by becoming involved in the Royal British Legion's newly established Poppy Appeal. Then every year from 1937(when she was first given a stand beside the War Memorial to sell her poppies) until 1976, Annie braved the elements, standing for up to ten hours at a time. For the two weeks prior to the annual Remembrance Day her Royal British Legion home in Turnbull Court, Roundhay, was ankle deep in red Flanders poppies as she assembled around 3,000 of the plastic-and-paper flowers in readiness to sell. The November weather during some of those years was appalling, with snowfalls, intense cold and icy conditions to contend with. Annie recalled that one year, as she stood selling her poppies in freezing temperatures, her shoes actually froze and stuck to the ground and she had to be lifted out of them and into a taxi, leaving her shoes behind. Over the years Miss Annie Tunnington raised around £10,000 from the sale of her poppies. She is photographed here in 1976, the year of her retirement from poppy selling as, at 81 years old, the often harsh weather conditions had begun to adversely affect her health. Her brother, Joe Tunnington, continued to paint throughout his life (he died in 1962 in his mid-sixties). Some of his paintings, depicting local scenes, are available to view on the Leodis website. They can be found by entering the name Tunnington in the Keyword/Terms field when making an Advanced Search.
[internal reference; 2013612_174556:LEO 7220]
Back Portland Crescent (City Centre) (7 comments)
Black & White image29th July 1930. Street of brick dwellings, left side small gardens with walling. Cobbled street with narrow pavement. In the centre is Leeds Town Hall in the distance. Washing is hung across the street. This area is now the Civic Hall and surround.
[internal reference; 9795:CLIC PORT 19]
Back Portland Crescent (City Centre)
Black & White image29th July 1930. Row of houses, small gardens, centre, garden walls with outside lavatory buildings. First on left has 'taxi' sign in bedroom window. In the centre in the distance is Leeds Town Hall. Municipal Buildings in the front. Small area of grass and trees surrounded by railings. House on right with gas light. Narrow cobbled street with iron grate in centre. Now area is part of Civic buildings.
[internal reference; 9797:CLIC PORT 21]
Calverley Street (City Centre) (2 comments)
Black & White image17th June 1914. Calverley Street extension. Demolished properties make way for the extension of Calverley Street. A route has been driven through Great George Street and Portland Street. The fencing across the centre is along the line of Sunny Bank Street. Portland Crescent is to the left. Workmen work on site. Rubble and building materials lay on ground. Leeds Town Hall can be seen in distance.
[internal reference; 2002320_19762820:C LIC Cal (44)]