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Algernon Firth Institute of Pathology, St George's Road (Woodhouse) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated, View of the Algernon Firth Institute of Pathology in St George's Road, part of Leeds University. It was designed by local architect, John C. Proctor and is an early example of the use of re-inforced concrete in building. The institute, adjoining the Medical School, opened in 1933 by Sir Algernon Firth, Bart.
[internal reference; 2004317_77560061:T LIKA (6)]
Bagby Road area, off Woodhouse Lane (Woodhouse) (5 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Image taken from the site of cleared housing (foreground) adjacent to Bagby Road off Woodhouse Lane. The recently demolished streets were called Back Eldon Street, Eldon Place and Bagby Street (running across the centre). The three terraced properties seen left of centre are numbers 1, 3 and 5 Eldon Mount on Bagby Road. At the rear of these is the Eldon Wesleyan Methodist Chapel and Sunday School. The long brick wall is covered in graffiti and between the two gateposts is the entrance to Ridge House. Towards the left the view looks across to properties in Woodhouse Lane and the light-coloured buildings belong to the University of Leeds.
[internal reference; 2010621_170899:LEO 6088]
Beech Grove House, Leeds University (Woodhouse)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Beech Grove House and grounds. Built in 1799 for Abram Rhodes, a cloth merchant, it was on the opposite side of the private carriageway from Beech Grove built by Benjamin Murgitroyd. This carriageway later became College and then University Road. In 1840 Rhodes' trustees sold Beech Grove House to iron founder Joseph Ogdin March, who had been apprentice to Matthew Murray and married his daughter Mary. He later went into partnership with Charles Maclea, founding the business of Maclea and March, and was also Mayor of Leeds in 1862-63. The property remained in the family until 1925 when March's daughter, who had inherited the house, died there. The house was acquired by the University and became Education House. The University Union building was later built in the grounds. Photograph by Wormald of Leeds.
[internal reference; 2004217_2230471:Wormald, Old Leeds Views, part 1, no. 46, SRF 914.2819 WOR]
Beech Grove House, Leeds University (Woodhouse)
Colour image13th September 2003. In 1799 a Leeds Cloth Merchant and exporter by the name of Abram Rhodes acquired 2 fields called White Cross Close. In conjunction with his neighbour he laid out a shared carriageway from the turnpike. He went on to build Beech Grove House, seen here, and also, to the north of it, a maltkiln, warehouses and workshops. To the south of the the house there were lawns, shrubberies and an ornamental pond. Later, in 1840 ownership of Beech Grove House passed to Iron founder and machine maker, John Ogden March. He was a partner of Matthew Murray at the Union Foundry in Dewsbury Road. The side porch of Beech Grove House dates from Victorian times and is built in the Norman Style. The building is now part of the University and was used by the School of Education for office and teaching space. It has recently received funding as part of the Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law, for re-development including up to date I.T. facilities.
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Brotherton Library, Exterior (Woodhouse)
Black & White image20th February 1936 View of the Brotherton Library, Leeds University, as it nears completion.
[internal reference; 20031031_28557986:D LIKA (88)]