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Armley Park, The Steps (Armley) (4 comments)
Black & White imageUndated The 24 acres of Armley Park was acquired by the Corporation in 1892. This view of the 'arch steps' looking up from the Leeds and Liverpool canal vicinity. The land sloped steeply from the ridge down to the canal and several sets of steps were constructed to cope with this. Some followed scenic winding paths but these ran in a straight line and were often counted by young visitors to the park. The castellated archway bears the date of the formation of the park, 1893. The steps are flanked by stone pillars surmounted by Grecian style urns.
[internal reference; 20041213_32987612:LEO 474]
Bridge House, Pollard Lane, Leeds and Liverpool Canal (Newlay) (1 comment)
Black & White image7th October 1963 View looks across the Leeds and Liverpool Canal which is just out of view along the bottom edge of the photograph. Bridge House and Bridge House West are visible. Bridge House, to the left, faced onto Pollard Lane. towards the right, an outbuilding is supported by two legs.
[internal reference; 20031110_97294254:WYAS Newlay (New Leeds) Box 196, no. 14]
Bridgewater Place, construction (Holbeck)
Colour imageJune 2006. View looking south over the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and Canal Wharf towards Bridgewater Place under construction. This 32-storey tower block, including a mix of luxury apartments, office space and leisure and retail facilities, would become the tallest building in Yorkshire on its completion in 2007. Image courtesy of Leslie Cole.
[internal reference; 2012525_173631:LEO 6692]
Canal Basin, BMB Menswear (City Centre)
Colour image2011. View of Canal Basin showing the former Leeds and Liverpool Canal Warehouse, here occupied by BMB Mensear, with a restaurant in the smaller building in the foreground. The warehouse, dating from 1777, was used for housing goods which could originally be loaded and unlocked under cover as the canal entered the building via the entrancing facing the camera. Towering in the background is the 32-storey Bridgewater House.
[internal reference; 201238_173397:LEO 5862]
Canal Basin, Historic Crane (City Centre)
Colour image2011. View of Canal Basin showing one of three historic cranes which have been retained and restored. In the background on the right is the former Leeds and Liverpool Canal Warehouse, now occupied by BMB Menswear with a restaurant at the near side. Just visible on the far left is the edge of the Canal Basin Office Building which houses Privilege Insurance.
[internal reference; 201238_173396:LEO 5861]