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Location - Leeds & District

Lingfield Drive, Lingfield Public House (Moortown)
Colour image5th March 2007. View of the Lingfield public house on Lingfield Drive, formerly known as The Moorcock. The pub was closed at the time with a 'To Let' notice outside. Now in late 2008 it is still unoccupied and in a state of disrepair.
[internal reference; 20081229_168141:MOOR ALLETON ETC MARCH 2007 PACK 2/29]
Lingfield Drive, looking east (Moortown)
Colour image5th March 2007. Looking east along Lingfield Drive, showing rows of semi-detached houses on both sides, in descending order from no.72 on the left and 73 on the right. The junction with Lingfield Mount is seen on the left. In the distance the spire of St. John's Church on Harrogate Road is visible.
[internal reference; 20081229_168143:MOOR ALLERTON ETC MARCH 2007 PACK 2/32]
Lingfield Drive, nos.75-85 (Moortown) (3 comments)
Colour image5th March 2007. View of a parade of shops on Lingfield Drive, numbered (from left) 75 to 85. No.75 is Stonebake Pizzas, then a newsagent, then a community centre spanning the two central shops, with notices covering the windows. No.83 is vacant, as is no.85, formerly Lingfield News. The latter is now (2008) a fish and chip shop.
[internal reference; 20081229_168142:MOOR ALLERTON ETC MARCH 2007 PACK 2/30]