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Roundhay Road Council School, Roundhay Road (Sheepscar)
Black & White image14th June 1927 A visit by the Lord Mayor, Alderman Hugh Lupton and the Lady Mayoress, Ella Lupton, to Roundhay Road Council School in 1927. The Lord Mayor is wearing his chains of office and the Lady Mayoress is seated to the right of him. The school room is typical of the period with wooden desks containing inkwells arranged in rows. Words and numbers are pinned up around the walls and there is a blackboard at the rear. The children are smartly dressed but there is no uniform. The man standing near the door is the Sergeant-at-Mace, Mr Edward T. Jones, who usually accompanies the Lord Mayor on official engagements. In 1927 the Master of Roundhay Road Council School was Herbert Wade, the Mistress was Miss Frances Owston and the infants Mistress was Miss Gertrude Braham. She may be the lady standing next to Mr Jones.
[internal reference; 2003716_64988345:Thoresby, Lupton Mayoralty Album, no. 42]
Scatcherd Hill, Annual Mayor's Sunday Service Parade (Morley)
Colour imageMay 1973. Jack Leach, the mace bearer, preceding the Mayor of Morley and his protective police sergeant on their way down Scatcherd Hill in marching from the Town Hall to the Parish Church. This was in May 1973 for the last of the Mayor's Sundays. The Mayor is Alderman John Samuel Binks, Morley's last, whose term of office was 17th April 1973 to 31st March 1974. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2006330_161121:Morley M 1131]
University Degree Ceremony (City Centre)
Black & White image6th September 1927. A photograph taken at the Degree Ceremony at Leeds University in 1927. Many of the people can be identified in the photograph and are as follows. On the back row, beginning from the left is Alderman Sir Charles Henry Wilson. In 1923 he received his Knighthood, became Conservative M.P. for Leeds Central and was made a freeman of the City. He spent a life time working for Leeds and its people. He loved the city and is famous for stating 'I am Leeds!'. Next, bearing the Great Mace of Leeds is Sergeant-at-Mace, Edward T. Jones, then Professor John Kay Jamieson, Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Anatomy of the School of Medicine at Leeds University. Next is Professor Rd. Whiddington, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Cavendish Professor in Physics. Then Doctor W.H. Maxwell Telling, Senior Honorary physician at Leeds General Infirmary and Women and Childrens Hospital and Professor of Medicine and Head of Department of Medicine at Leeds University. Next is Professor R.W. Whytlaw Gray, Professor of Chemistry, then Doctor Rawdon Aug. Veale, physician and Professor of therapeutics, School of Medicine at Leeds University. Beside him is Archibald E. Wheeler, registrar of Leeds University. Third in from the right hand side, on the back row is Professor Perkins and next to him on the right is Student Mace Bearer and President of the Union, Andrews. On the front row starting second from the left is Sir Arthur Keith, President of the British Association, then the Lord Mayor, Alderman Hugh Lupton, next the Pro Chancellor of the University, Charles Harold Tetley, then the Chancellor, his Grace the Duke of Devonshire, beside him, the Vice Chancellor James Black Baillie and then Lord Brotherton, The Pro Chancellor of Pathology and Bacteriology, Chairman of the Refectory Committee (School of Medicine). Lord Brotherton bequeathed his important literary collection to the University in the year of his death, 1930. In 1927, he donated £100,000 to build a new library for the university. It was at the laying of the foundation stone for the library in 1930 that Lord Brotherton announced his intention to bequeath his collection. He died in October of that year. The Brotherton Library was opened in 1936.
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