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Ivegate, Yeadon (Yeadon) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Ivegate, Yeadon, at the junction with Sandy Way. The building in the centre is a confectioners, listed in 1917 and 1920s Trade Directories as being run by a Sarah Ann Hancock. The end property of the row of buildings was demolished some time before the 1960s. Further back can be seen the Cricketers Arms, licensee William Marshall. The pub and the majority of the buildings around it were demolished in the 1950s, leaving the four terraced houses standing, and the area is now a car park. In the background, Manor Woollen Mills can be seen.
[internal reference; 2017613_176157:LEO 8606]
Manor Mill aerial view, Yeadon (Yeadon)
Black & White imageUndated. Pre 1950. Manor Mill Situated at the top of Kirk Lane, this is before New Haworth Lane was built. The mill dated from 1862, when it was built by Edward and Thomas Bolton, James Ives rented the property from 1865. It was the first mill in Yeadon to use a power loom. Now demolished and the area is used as a leisure centre. In the top left corner, small part of the Old Dog Mill can be seen, which was on the opposite side of Kirk Lane.
[internal reference; 2002430_65086001:RA 2150]
Manor Mill, interior view showing peace decorations (Yeadon) (2 comments)
Black & White imageNovember 1918. Image shows the interior of Manor Mill, located at the top of Kirk Lane. Above the looms are strings of bunting and other decorations in celebration of peace and the end of the Great War. Manor Mill dates from 1862 and was built by Edward and Thomas Bolton. From 1865 Manor Mill was rented by James Ives and it was the first Yeadon mill to install a power loom.
[internal reference; 201076_170988:LEO 6093]
Portrait of Ernest Ethelbert Slater and his wife (Yeadon)
Black & White imageUndated Portrait of Ernest Ethelbert Slater(1850-1928) and his wife, Sarah. The son of historian, Philemon Slater, he was manager of Manor Mills, Kirk Lane, trustee of Queen Street Chapel and an amateur photographer. He was a member of Yeadon Photographic Society and many early images of the locality are attributed to him. His wife, in Victorian dress stands behind him holding a lace-trimmed parasol.
[internal reference; 20041019_86837405:LEO 325]
River Wharfe showing the weir and Thorp Arch Manor Mill (Thorp Arch) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. View of the weir and Thorp Arch Manor Mill on the River Wharfe. The site of the mill, near Thorp Arch Bridge, is mentioned in the Domesday Survey.
[internal reference; 2006310_160864:Frith/Box1/B156/BNA31]