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Location - Leeds & District

Low Beck, Holbeck Lane, bridge (Holbeck) (1 comment)
Black & White image23rd November 1965. View shows a footbridge over Low Beck by Holbeck Lane. Low Beck is a continuation of Hol Beck. In the background are the premises of C.H. Worthington Ltd., builders and contractors, and Hornsey & Son, printers, both of Holbeck Lane.
[internal reference; 2011126_172993:LEO 5822]
Maude Terrace, from Ayrton Street (Wortley)
Black & White image31st December 1965. Looking along Maude Terrace from Ayrton Street, off Tong Road. Houses numbered 1 to 7 are on the left and 2 to 8 on the right. These form back-to-backs with Ebenezer Place (left) and Edith Terrace (right). In the background is Tong Road Mill (confectionery).
[internal reference; 2011126_172997:LEO 5826]
Maude Terrace, No.8 (Wortley) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated Number 8 Maude Terrace can be seen in the centre of this view. To the left is the boundary wall of the Tong Road Mill. Number 6 follows to the right. Properties are double fronted back-to-back.
[internal reference; 2004428_87061710:LC/Eng 376/14 No.2]
Maude Terrace, nos. 1 - 7 (Wortley)
Black & White image21st May 1965, Back to back houses on Maude Terrace, numbers run from 1 to 7, left to right.
[internal reference; 2003320_91883487:WYAS Cheltenham Street. Tong Road. Box 33/2. No 246]
Maude Terrace, nos. 2 - 6 (Wortley)
Black & White image20th May 1965, Back to back houses on Maude Terrace, seen from Ayrton Street. Numbers run from 6 to 2, left to right.
[internal reference; 2003320_3588503:WYAS Cheltenham Street. Tong Road. Box 33/2. No 235]