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Belle Isle Beck, Parkside (Belle Isle) (1 comment)
Black & White image17th August 1949. iew of the Parkside/Belle Isle area and shows Belle Isle Beck. The track of the Middleton Railway is visible close to the top of Old Run Road, and is not far from its terminus at Middleton Colliery,
[internal reference; 6295:CLIB Hunslet 26]
Belle Isle Estate, plan (Belle Isle) (4 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Plan showing new roads between Middleton Colliery and Belle Isle Estate. Running across the top of the image is Windmill Road with Winrose Drive above it leading to Belle Isle circus right at the top of the image. From Belle Isle Circus almost to the bottom of the image runs Belle Isle Road. Town Street branches off diagonally towards the bottom from Belle Isle Road and Nesfield View is right from this junction. Above Nesfield View are houses built on the incomplete 'Brooms' estate and below it are homes on the partially built Nesfield Estate. Middleton Colliery is marked on the left where Middleton Park is now located. Houses on the Lanshaw estate curve round at the bottom of the image. Just below Windmill Road the footprint of Windmill Primary School is visible but St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, on a site below the school playing fields, or the houses on the Petersfield Avenue estate are not yet built. Running up the centre, from Town Street, is Aberfield Drive joining Winrose Approach. The road to the left of Aberfield Drive is Newhall Road. Next to Newhall Road the Manor Farm site has still not been built on.
[internal reference; 7331:CL3 Belle 4]
Middleton Colliery (New Pit) (Middleton) (3 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Image shows Middleton Colliery 'New Pit' which closed in 1926. Behind the wall on the right is Old Run Road.
[internal reference; 20101130_171539:LEO 5199]
Middleton Colliery Railway, Extension (Middleton) (1 comment)
Black & White image1964. View of the Middleton Colliery Railway Extension from Moor Road to Balm Road Sidings. The engine in the picture is the John Alcock, a diesel which was locally built in 1932.
[internal reference; 2005722_97124881:T LIS MIDDLETON 4]
Middleton Colliery Railway, Rope Hill (Middleton) (4 comments)
Black & White image30th November 1950. Middleton Colliery Railway, looking down the steep incline from Middleton Town Street to Broom Pit. The photograph shows a signal and points, situated where winding gear was used to help draw the wagons up the incline at Rope Hill. The extension of the waggonway to Holbeck prompted the first Railway Act of 1758.
[internal reference; 4059:CLIS Middleton 7]