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Alma Road, Moorfield House (Headingley) (5 comments)
Black & White imageMarch 1983 View shows the doorway of Moorfield House situated on Alma Road. This house was built in 1866 for William Glover who was the owner of a Leeds chemical firm. Ornate stone carvings frame the door and fanlight windows. This building is still standing.
[internal reference; 20031023_22867983:D LIE Moorfield (1)]
Bramley Park, entrance (Bramley)
Colour image1982. Colour photograph of Bramley Park near the entrance before alterations were made. The cross monument stands in the centre and flower beds are around with trees in the background. Houses on Moorfields can be seen on the right.
[internal reference; 2006126_160493:LEO 741]
Bramley Park, Moorfields (Bramley) (1 comment)
Colour imageUndated Colour photograph of Moorfields at the entrance to Bramley Park. Rows of terraced housing can be seen. the trees lining the stret are no longer there.
[internal reference; 2006126_160510:LEO 753]
Edinburgh Grove, Whitsunday procession (Armley) (8 comments)
Colour image1969. View of the United Churches of Armley Whitsunday procession of witness. A deaconess is talking to the crowd on Edinburgh Grove outside Moorfield Laundry. Paisley Road is to the right and Moorfield Road is in the background.
[internal reference; 2004428_39831179:LEO 255]
Harrogate Road (Moortown)
Black & White image31st May 1939. This photograph taken from the central reservation shows the roundabout at the junction with Scott Hall Road. The view is looking down Harrogate Road with Stonegate Road on the extreme right and Sand Hill Lane on the left. Moorfield Farm also known as Umpleby's Farm is on the junction of Stonegate Road and Scott Hall Road, with the police station behind the farm. There are many different types of houses shown on both the left and right of the roundabout. Several traffic islands surround the junction. Gas streetlamps and telegraph poles are seen throughout.
[internal reference; 9174:CLIC Har 52]