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New Farnley Terminus, open roofed demonstration trolley bus (Farnley)
Black & White image1912. View of double decker trolley bus used for demonstration purposes and photographed at the New Farnley Terminus in 1912. It has an open-roof and on the side of the vehicle are painted the words 'R.E.T. (Railless Electric Traction) Construction Co. Ltd., Railless Car, Leeds, London. The New Farnley trolley bus route opened on 20th October 1911 with services running from City Square along Whitehall Road to the New Farnley Terminus. It was the first, along with Bradford to operate a trolley bus service in the United Kingdom.
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New Farnley Terminus, single decker Trolley Bus (Farnley) (1 comment)
Black & White image1912. View of a single decker Trolley Bus at New Farnley Terminus in 1912. The Tramways Department decided to investigate the possibilities of a trackless tram system in 1909 when they visited various up-and-running systems on the continent, (Milan, Vienna and Muhlhausen in Germany.) Leeds and Bradford were the first cities in the United Kingdom to adopt the trolley buses and Leeds chose the Whitehall Road to New Farnley route to pioneer the service which commenced on 20th June 1911. The vehicles for the route cost £5,500 and the other necessary electrical equipment etc. totalled £9,000. The trolley bus system was less expensive to run than the tramways which made it more suited to less densely populated routes. The two original vehicles were numbered 501 and 502 and were given the same livery as the trams. Two more buses were soon added to the stock. A second route from Guiseley to Otley opened on 9th September 1915 and the Guiseley to Burley-in-Wharfedale route followed on 22nd October of that year which meant a further 4 trolley buses were required.
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