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Aerial view of Bramham looking east (Bramham)
Colour image1988. Aerial view of Bramham looking east, from the bottomon, New Road is on the left and Low Way is to the right. All Saints' Church stands on the oval shaped green space. To the left of the church is Back Lane and to the right, Vicarage Lane. The old Vicarage House is visible at the centre of the right edge. The cluster of houses at the bottom are in Fine Garth Close, and at the top, Prospect Bank. Touklston Lane is at the top right. The Old Hall can be seen left of centre.
[internal reference; 2006830_161848:WE 534184]
Aerial view of Bramham looking east (Bramham) (1 comment)
Colour image1988. Aerial view of Bramham looking east. At the top left is Toulston Lane and moving down, the High Street. Aberford Road follows the line of buildings towards the top. Folly Lane is the road running straight down from Aberford Road on the right. At the bottom edge on the left is New Road, followed by Low Way leading to All Saints' Church. Curving round, bottom right, is Crag Gardens and Almshouse Hill.
[internal reference; 2006830_161849:WE 534185]
Cow Beck Bridge, New Road Side (Horsforth)
Black & White image30th November 1926. This is the point where the old Horsforth UDC boundary met with Leeds boundary, changing from Abbey Road to New Road Side. The junction on the right is with Hawksworth Road. Cow Beck ran under New Road Side from Hawksworth to Newlay. New bridge repair work can just be seen in front of advertisements on the right.
[internal reference; 2002812_47147769:C LIW Cow (7)]
Cow Beck Bridge, New Road Side (Horsforth) (2 comments)
Black & White image30th November 1926. Image taken at Cow Beck Bridge, showing the junction of New Road Side with Hawksworth Road. Hawksworth Wood is in view. Cow Beck flowed under New Road side. A newsagent's kiosk, the business of E. Jeffry, can be seen with advertisements for papers.
[internal reference; 2002812_99264163:C LIW Cow (8)]
Low Fold looking South (Rawdon)
Black & White image4th December 1981. View of Low Fold located off New Road Side, looking South. This is an enclave of old stone properties and farm buildings. On the left, a small building with white painted gable end is number 11 New Road Side. Behind it are larger stone terraced houses, numbering 1 to 9 New Road Side. A sign, at the left edge reads 'Books and Bargains'. On the right there are more stone buildings, including Low Fold Farm with long roof line. Behind it the houses are numbered from 1 to 6 with the farm marked on the map as number 7. The central breeze block and corrugated iron buildings are a animal shelter used to house pigs. The group of trees in the background obscure the single storey Rawdon Library building but the council offices in Micklefield House are visible. Although the house has earlier origins, it's present layout dates from the 1870s.
[internal reference; 2007104_164861:S LIE LOW (RAWD) 3]