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Oakwood Lane, Oakwood Library (Oakwood)
Colour imagec1980s. View of Oakwood Library situated on Oakwood Lane beside the junction with Roundhay Road and Wetherby Road. Set in extensive grounds, it was formerly a private house before opening as Oakwood Library and Police Station in February 1955. The police station vacated the building in 1961 allowing the library to expand.
[internal reference; 20081024_167642:S LIHL OAKW 1]
Oakwood Lane, Oakwood Library (Oakwood)
Colour image1995. View showing the entrance to Oakwood Branch Library on Oakwood Lane. Formerly a private house it became a library in 1955, intially combined with a police station.
[internal reference; 20081027_167685:BRANCH LIBRARIES 1995 PACK 6/3]
Oakwood Library, Oakwood Lane no. 1 (Oakwood)
Colour image2003 This was once a private house, in February 1955 it was opened as Oakwood Library and Police Station. The Police Station was closed in 1961, by then the Library service had been expanded. In January 1959 an extension had been opened.
[internal reference; 2004113_53150576:Community Photographs (Pack 5) no. 7]
Oakwood Library, Oakwood Lane no. 1 (Oakwood) (1 comment)
Colour image2003 Oakwood Lane is on the right in this view of Oakwood Library and garden.
[internal reference; 2004113_9237307:Community Photographs (Pack 5) no. 8]