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Chapel Street, Halton (Halton) (2 comments)
Black & White image5th June 1931. Old post office on corner of Chapel Street and Pinfold Lane. To left of photo is a newspaper placard with the headlines 'Wool Wages Reduction Proposal'. A gas lamp can be seen on the corner of Pinfold Lane. Houses on Gravely Street can be seen further down.
[internal reference; 544:CLIB Chapel 1]
Chatswood Avenue, nos. 12 and 14 (Beeston) (4 comments)
Black & White image1st April 1935 Chatswood Avenue, cul-de-sac off Old Lane. Between the houses can be seen the factory of Forgrove Machinery, wrapping machinery manufacturers. The Forgrove works was between numbers 430 and 434, Dewsbury Road.
[internal reference; 2002423_11468142:C LIE Chat (2)]
Church Lane, numbers 11 to 19 (Garforth)
Black & White image1905. Postcard showing an old property numbered as 11 to 19 Church Lane. In the foreground, left, behind the hedging is the cricket ground. Between the cricket ground and the first house a boy stands with a bicycle. This is the junction with Pinfold Lane. A cross, marked on the window of the second house from the left, suggests that this house was called Neva Villas according to information written on the reverse side of the postcard. In the background the Sunday School and the Methodist Chapel are visible.
[internal reference; 201028_170252:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY C12]
Cross Flatts Row number 16 (Beeston) (3 comments)
Black & White image14th March 1939. Image shows the rear of terraced houses, with gardens, in Back Cross Flatts Row. Number 16 is advertised for sale and wooden lattice fencing surrounds the gardens. The houses front Cross Flatts Row at the other side. The Cross Flatts series of streets run parallel to each other between Beeston Road and Wooler Street with Wooler Road cutting through the middle. Houses at the opposite side of Back Cross Flatts Row open onto Barkly Road at the other side, which is off Old Lane.
[internal reference; 762:CLIB Cross 1]
Dewsbury Road at the junction with Old Lane (Beeston) (8 comments)
Black & White image27th June 1980. View of Dewsbury Road at the junction with Old Lane (foreground). A workman with a wheelbarrow of tools is seen and work on the road is in progress. Partially seen at the right edge is the surgery at number 454 Dewsbury Road. Semi-detached shop properties are number 456 on the right and 458, left. The cameraman is standing with his back to Old Lane, looking south down Dewsbury Road, towards The White Rose Centre, and Morley. The Tommy Wass Public House is directly behind him at the other side of Old Lane.
[internal reference; 2004728_39760989:S LIC DEWS 6]