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Location - Leeds & District

Pack Horse Inn, Briggate (City Centre) (5 comments)
Black & White imageUndated View of the Pack Horse Inn in Pack Horse Yard between nos. 55 and 56 Briggate. At the time this was reputed to be the oldest pub in the city. The Pack Horse closed in 1987 and a new Pack Horse built on the site. A Templar cross is visible above the 'Pack Horse' sign. This was to signify the property was exempt from grinding their corn at the manorial corn mill in Swinegate.
[internal reference; 200456_24987429:T/LIN/pacl/1]
Pack Horse Inn, Woodhouse Lane (Woodhouse) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, Late 1800s image of the original Pack Horse Inn at what was then number 190 Woodhouse Lane. The Cemetery Tavern, on the corner with St Marks Street, was at this time number 172 but was later renumbered to be number 190 and the Pack Horse became number 208. It was situated at the edge of Woodhouse Moor where Raglan Road lies now. The pub sign of a figure leading a pack horse hangs on the front wall while below a crowd stand poised for the photograph. The men are either smartly dressed, one in a top hat, or are wearing shirt sleeves and waistcoats. Two children stand in front of women in Victorian dresses. Above the pub door hangs the pub name and sign naming the landlord as Benjamin Jubb and proclaiming his licence to brew and sell his own beers and wines on the premises. On the side of the building on the right is the Woodhouse Lane Street sign. Photograph by Wormald of Leeds.
[internal reference; 200373_45277041:Wormald, Old Leeds Views, part 2, no. 38, SRF 942.2819 WOR]