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Location - Leeds & District

Penda's Well (Swarcliffe)
Black & White image1919 Reputedly the site of a fierce battle in 655 between Christian King Oswy and aging Penda, King of Mercia. Penda is thought to have been 80 years old! During the battle, Penda is alleged to have refreshed himself at a spring, afterwards referred to as Penda's Well or Pen Well. Penda was defeated and slain. The Venerable Bede refers to this as the 'Battle of Winwaedfield', there is speculation as to where Winwaed actually was. King Penda is remembered by the naming of streets in the locality such as Penda's Way. In the view is a stone slab perhaps covering a spring, with a stone trough to the side. The building to the left would have been part of Penwell farm. This site is where Stanks Drive and Farndale Approach off Stanks Lane North are now located.
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