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Location - Leeds & District

Cherry Row (Burmantofts)
Black & White image30th June 1945. The east side of Cherry Row, looking east-south-east at number 2a. On the left is Pollard Street. On the right is Green Road, with the empty premises of H. Burgon & Son, butchers. Some children watch the cameraman, two are standing under a road sign.
[internal reference; 5507:CLIC Cherry 2]
Green Road (Burmantofts)
Black & White image30th June 1945. The corner of Green Road (Leeds 9) with Cherry Row, looking north-north-west. The properties, (including H. Burgon's butchers on the corner), are empty and derelict. To the left Pollard Street is just visible. Two children play on the corner.
[internal reference; 5740:CLIC Green 26]
Pear Street, Pollard Street nos. 32, 34 (Burmantofts) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated Green Road is on the left, at the corner with Pear Street, which has a small grocers shop. The street to the right is Pollard Street, the windows of number 32 have been filled in, 34 next right.
[internal reference; 200316_83280582:WYAS (Burmantofts) Box no 21/1, no 4]
Pollard Street (Lofthouse)
Black & White imageUndated, Image shows the remains of a demolished building in Pollard Street off Leeds Road.
[internal reference; 20031022_9913271:WYAS Pollard Street, Box 213, no. 2]
Pollard Street (Burmantofts)
Black & White imageUndated Pollard Street was divided by Pear Street. This view is looking from Pear Street at the odd numbered side from 7-27. On the left, numbering begins from Cherry Row and rises to 27 on the right, the corner with Pear Street can be seen.
[internal reference; 200316_85570926:WYAS (Burmantofts) Box no 21/1, no 5]