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Ascot Avenue no. 1 / Pontefract Lane (Richmond Hill) (11 comments)
Black & White image20th October 1966. Image shows shop at junction of Ascot Avenue and Pontefract Lane. Two women walk towards the N.Dransfield greengrocery & provisions store from the left, while another woman crosses the street on the right to reach the store. Above the shop are two advertisements for Dettol on the left and Sharp & Thornton furniture store on the right. On the right a row of back-to-back terraces are visible with a car, reg: 408 DUM parked outside.
[internal reference; 2003324_74062747:WYAS (Ascot St) Box no.9/2, no.182]
Ascot Avenue no.2 / Pontefract Lane (Richmond Hill)
Black & White image20th October 1966. Image shows a row of through terraced houses on the left with an advertising hoarding mounted on the first floor at the corner promoting 'The Sun' newspaper. On the right is Brian's store taking up the whole gable end. Two women wearing headscarfs and over coats push a pram across Ascot Avenue.
[internal reference; 2003324_25571841:WYAS (Ascot St) Box no.9/2, no.183]
Ascot Street, Pontefract Lane (Richmond Hill) (1 comment)
Black & White image19th October 1966, Image shows Pontefract Lane on the left with a woman walking along the pavement towards Revell Family Butcher at the end of the terrace. A large hoarding above the shop on the Ascot Street side of the building promotes The Sun newspaper and the Co-operative. A lower, smaller advertisement promotes Revell, family butchers as the highest quality beef, lamb, pork, cooked meats, fresh eggs and poultry suppliers. On the right is a row of double-fronted back-to-back terraced houses.
[internal reference; 2003327_15639895:WYAS Richmond Hill. Box No 9/1. No 149]
Ascot Street, Pontefract Lane (Richmond Hill) (7 comments)
Black & White image19th October 1966, Image show the junction of Ascot Street and Pontefract Lane with double fronted back-to-back terraces on the left and two shop fronts on the right. No 101 appears to be no longer in use while no 103 on the right is K Bransfield greengrocery & provisions sellers of Capstan and Woodbine Cigarettes. On the wall above the shop door is an advertisement for Detol.
[internal reference; 2003327_47631472:WYAS Richmond Hill. Box No 9/1. No 148]
Ascot Terrace, Pontefract Lane (Richmond Hill) (3 comments)
Black & White image21st October 1966. Image shows the run-down and empty Brian's store occupying the gable end of Ascot Terrace. This was formerly a greengrocers shop and is surrounded by advertisements promoting eggs, Cardinal Polish, Steradent toothpaste and sliced tobacco. On the right are rear entrances and gardens of through terraces fronting onto Ascot Avenue, each garden contains a washing line. Visible on the right a small child in a pram has been pushed into view. While just visible on the left are adverts for furniture and quitting smoking on the wall of Ascot Avenue.
[internal reference; 2003324_67759341:WYAS (Ascot St) Box no.9/2, no.201]