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Girlingstone Works (Rothwell)
Black & White imageUndated. Image shows the yard of Girlingstone Concrete works, which was situated on Pontefract Road, at the junction with Styebank Lane, and next to the West Riding Gravel Quarry. The firm was started during the 1926 coal strike to provide employment for out of work miners, and made pre-cast concrete products. The 1936 Trade Directory for the West Riding lists it as Girling's Ferro-Concrete Co. Ltd. The area is now occupied by Manheim UK car auction house.
[internal reference; 2018317_176539:LEO 8919]
John O'Gaunt Hotel. (Rothwell) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. View of John O'Gaunt Hotel on Pontefract Road. A reason for the open shed alongside the hotel is explained by the hotels slogan 'Good accommodation for man and beast'. Legend has it that John of Gaunt killed the last wild boar. Built by Mr. James Venty soon after the turnpike was formed in 1822.
[internal reference; 200225_96038455:RO 1391]
Perserverance Street, family group in the snow (Stourton) (2 comments)
Black & White image1954. View of a family group posing on a sledge in the snow on Perserverance Street. Perserverance Street ran between Pontefract Road and Queen Street. This view is looking in the direction of Queen Street (seen at the top.)
[internal reference; 2010119_171517:LEO 5181 ]
Pontefract Road, Baron Inn (Stourton) (25 comments)
Colour imagec1998. View of the Baron Inn on Pontefract Road. This was previously known as the Stourton Hotel.
[internal reference; 2008728_167125:S LIN PONT 1]
Springhead Park, Rothwell Lane (Oulton)
Black & White imageUndated. View shows Springhead Park, on Rothwell Lane, looking north. Oulton Beck, with bridge across, can be seen running through the centre of the park, with houses on Pontefract Road visible in the distance. Springhead Park was originally privately owned, but was taken over by Rothwell Urban District Council in the 1930s, and is now part of Rothwell Park.
[internal reference; 2018317_176535:LEO 8915]