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Canal Gardens (Roundhay)
Colour image2nd September 2005. Canal Gardens in Roundhay Park is formally laid out in contrast to the natural landscape of the park on the opposite side of Prince's Avenue, The rose garden was planted near here in 1901 and the 'canal' attracts several species of waterfowl. It was laid out in 1833 for the Nicholson family and was originally the site of a walled kitchen garden dating from c1816.
[internal reference; 2011621_172265:LEO 5402]
Canal Gardens, Prince's Avenue (Roundhay)
Colour image2nd September 2005. Summertime view of Canal Gardens located in Prince's Avenue and a part of Roundhay Park. On the other side of Prince's Avenue and in contrast, there is the more natural landscape of the parkland. The gardens were designed for the Nicholson family at a time in the 1830s when such layouts were very fashionable.
[internal reference; 201167_172240:LEO 5400]
Canal Gardens, Roundhay Park, an ornamental fountain (Roundhay)
Colour image23rd March 2005. View of one of the ornamental fountains in Canal Gardens, Roundhay Park. The 'canal' is actually a long rectangular pond flanked by walkways and formal flowerbeds. It is stocked with fish and attracts several varieties of waterfowl. Canal Gardens is located opposite the main site of Roundhay Park on Prince's Avenue.
[internal reference; 2011621_172264:LEO 5401]
Main Gate to Roundhay Park from New Walk (Roundhay)
Colour imageUndated. View towards Prince's Avenue with the main gates to Roundhay Park in the background. The photograph is taken from just inside the park in New Walk.
[internal reference; 2011621_172284:LEO 5421]
Oakwood Clock (Oakwood) (1 comment)
Black & White image26th May 1914. View of clock at entrance to Prince's Avenue near Roundhay Park. The Potts and Sons clock was originally sited in new market hall, Kirkgate market but was removed to Oakwood Clock in 1912.
[internal reference; 200296_49219912:C L2A Oak (3)]