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Location - Leeds & District

Proctors Place (Buslingthorpe)
Black & White imageUndated View of Proctors Place, focusing on the old Methodist Chapel.Here it is being used by a company called Hurley for car body repairs and vehicle trading. This was prior to slum clearance in the area, photo taken around the early to mid 1950s.
[internal reference; 2003116_39670962:WYAS (Buslingthorpe) Box no 23, no 84]
Proctors Place (Buslingthorpe)
Black & White imageUndated View along Proctors Place, looking towards Meanwood Road. Back view of houses with yards, these properties had frontage on Lent Place at numbers 8, 9, 10. On the right edge is the former Methodist Chapel, here being used by Hurley company as a car body shop.
[internal reference; 2003116_73720950:WYAS (Buslingthorpe) Box no 23, no 32]
Proctors Place, nos.2, 4 (Buslingthorpe)
Black & White imageUndated This pair of houses was situated off Proctors Place, immediately behind numbers 256/258 Meanwood Road. The houses have basement rooms, access from the outside provided by steps down. For both houses, this area has been fenced off, number 1 has also had a roof and side added, enclosing the area.
[internal reference; 2003116_23707217:WYAS (Buslingthorpe) Box no 23, no 49]
Spa Buildings, nos.40, 41, Proctors Place (Buslingthorpe) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated To the left side are numbers 40, then 41 Spa Buildings. This photo was taken prior to slum clearance of the area, on the right edge it can be seen that some demolition has begun. This was in the early to mid 1950s. These two houses faced onto Meanwood Road, the rest of the Spa Buildings were on the left. The shop at the corner with Proctors Place was number 41. On the right is the old Methodist Church, then premises of Hurley, car body works.
[internal reference; 2003116_86689395:WYAS (Buslingthorpe) Box no 23, no 31]