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Aerial View of Queensway and Shaw Lane Gardens (Guiseley)
Colour imageUndated. Aerial view showing Queensway going from left to right diagonally across the bottom. The junction with Shaw Lane Gardens is on the left and Shaw Lane Gardens runs horizontally above Queensway from left to right. In the bottom left-hand corner Ruskin Crescent runs from the junction with Queensway to the bottom edge. Church Street branches off Ruskin Crescent to the left edge. Image courtesy of Anne North & Guiseley Methodist Church.
[internal reference; 2013123_174307:LEO 7726]
Church of the Nazarene (Pentecostal), Albion Street (Morley)
Colour image27th June 1984. Image shows part of the frontage of the Church of the Nazarene, the Pentecostal church, in Albion Street taken around the time it was to be demolished. The elaborate stone carving over the doorway can be seen. On the evening of Monday 2nd January 1984 the church was hit by gales of 80 m.p.h. and suffered severe and irreparable damage. The roof, a structure of 80 feet, was ripped off the building and dumped onto the adjoining Sunday School. Debris was scattered all over the surrounding area, which is the site of Morrison's car park, and a woman narrowly escaped serious injury from flying slates etc. She was treated for minor injuries. The damage to the church was estimated at £500,000 and so the church authorities were forced to come to the decision that demolition was inevitable and a new Church of the Nazarene would need to be constructed. The existing site was retained for the new Church of the Nazarene. Buildings in the section of Albion Street between Corporation Street and Queen Street were cleared by 1972 to make way for the building of the new Morrison's supermarket and the Windsor Court shopping precinct in 1973. Only the Church of the Nazarene remained standing and so, as this part of Albion Street no longer existed, the church became surrounded by car parking. A new link road was constructed, during the same period as the precinct was built, which became known as Queensway.
[internal reference; 20051012_99372501:S LIJ CHUR (MORL) 6]
Corporation Street properties in, view from Morrison's car park (Morley)
Colour image27th June 1984 View of properties in Corporation Street, looking from Morrison's car park. At the far left is number 10 Corporation Street, followed by number 12 incorporating the pharmacy (Sheard's Chemist)at number 2 Queensway. Next is the junction with Queensway, running at right angles to Corporation Street to Queen Street. On the far right more houses in Corporation Street are visible.
[internal reference; 200781_164370:S LIP CORP 1]
Haigh Road Estate, flats (Rothwell)
Black & White imagec1950s. Pictured are flats on the Haigh Road Estate, built after the Second World War. These buildings are on Queensway, to the south of Haigh Road.
[internal reference; 2018417_176583:LEO 8974]
Morley Town Hall, view from the tower showing the first stage of Scatcherd Sports Centre (Morley)
Colour imageJuly 1973. View shows the building of the first stage of the Scatcherd Sports Centre at the western edge of Scatcherd Park. The photograph was taken with a telephoto lens from the tower of Morley Town Hall. The main part of this first stage was to build a new swimming bath to replace the building at the junction of Corporation Street and Fountain Street. The road across the front of the image is Queensway, while in the background is the ribbon development of Corporation Street. These houses were built from 1933 onwards, after Corporation Street had been extended from the end of Albion Street to Bruntcliffe Lane by workers on the dole between 1929 and 1933. These workers also filled in and levelled out the huge area of quarries and spoil heaps behind Scatcherd Park at this same time, creating the playing field area known as Fish's Field. It is on these playing fields that the new Scatcherd Sports Centre is being built in this photograph. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 200637_160814:Morley M 256]