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Location - Leeds & District

Barnbow No 1 (Leeds) National Filling Factory, laying out of branch line (Cross Gates)
Black & White imagec1915 View shows work in progress on the laying out of a railway line to the National Filling Factory at Barnbow, which opened in 1915 to provide munitions for troops serving in the First World War.
[internal reference; 2017622_176173:LQ 623.45 G953 Photo 2]
Barwick Road, railway worker's cottage (Garforth)
Colour image1980s. View from the railway line of railway worker's cottages situated on Barwick Road. Taken in the 1980s at a time when the cottages were in a derelict state, the occupants previously included the Warwick family and the Calvert family.
[internal reference; 201021_170189:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY B56]
Brown Moor Farm, looking towards Leeds-Selby Railway Line (Austhorpe)
Colour image2002. View of the track at the side of Brown Moor Farm, looking from the old Barrowby Lane (the road having since been relocated) towards the Leeds-Selby railway line. The white building to the right of centre is the Manston Gate House, while beyond this is Lazencroft Farm.
[internal reference; 20151014_175610:LEO 8337]
City Centre, aerial view (City Centre)
Colour imageUndated. Aerial view of the city centre looking south west. Boar Lane and Wellington Street run vertically up the middle of the photo. The railway line is seen on the left with the City Station in the centre. At the top left are the River Aire and Leeds/Liverpool Canal, with Whitehall Road running parallel to the river. City Square can be seen in the centre of the picture. Several tall buildings dominate the landscape, including the Royal Exchange House (now Park Plaza Hotel) in the centre, the office blocks of No. 1 City Square and No.1 Park Row on the other side of City Square, and the tallest building, West Riding House on the right. Taken around the late 1990s or early 2000s.
[internal reference; 20071112_165258:LEO 2316]
City Centre, aerial view (City Centre)
Colour imageUndated. Aerial view of the city centre looking west. The left of the photo is dominated by the railway station and the River Aire. The right is dominated by a cluster of tall buildings; around City Square are the Royal Exchange House (now Park Plaza Hotel), No.1 City Square and No. 1 Park Row, while partly visible on the far right is West Riding House on Albion Street. Boar Lane and Wellington Street can be seen running upwards through the centre of the picture. Taken around the late 1999s or early 2000s.
[internal reference; 20071112_165266:LEO 2317]