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Location - Leeds & District

Aerial View, Red Hall Lane, Coal Road (Shadwell)
Black & White image1962 In the centre of this view, the Red Hall housing estate is in the process of being built. Red Hall Lane runs from the right edge to the bottom edge where a field with bales of hay can be seen. Coal Road is just visible in the bottom left corner.
[internal reference; 20031021_49470156:D LIB Shadwell (1)]
King Charles Street, Red Hall (City Centre) (3 comments)
Black & White image1914 View looks from King Charles Street onto the Red Hall. This property was built in 1628 and was probably the first brick building in Leeds. At the time of this view, the lower floor is being used as a garage for Rover Motor Cars. Red Hall was demolished in 1961.
[internal reference; 20031023_79583377:D LIE Red (3)]
Pigeon Cote, Red Hall Lane (Shadwell)
Black & White imageUndated. View of the Grade II listed pigeon cote on the north side of Red Hall Lane, approximately 150 metres north-west of Redhall House. It most likely dates from the mid 18th century and was restored in 1975. The pigeon house is believed to be brick-lined with nesting holes. The exterior is built in course squared gritstone and it has a stone slate roof with a cupola at the apex. It is part of a range of farm buildings associated with Manor Farm. Courtesy of Shadwell Local History Society.
[internal reference; 2014630_175203:LEO 7886]
Red Hall (Shadwell) (3 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Interior view of main entrance. The house was built around 1650 for Richard Lodge, with later additions.
[internal reference; 20021010_49760073:Historic Interest List B, B16(2)]
Red Hall (Shadwell)
Black & White imageUndated. View of main facade from the north-east. Built for Richard Lodge around 1650 with later additions. Now the headquarters for Rugby League. Also used by Leeds Parks Department.
[internal reference; 20021010_6711977:Historic Interest List B, B15(1)]