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Wetherby Bridge and Weir (Wetherby)
Colour image17th March 2005. Image looks over the weir crossing the River Wharfe towards Wetherby Bridge. On the left is the water wheel belonging to the Old Mill, now repositioned as a feature. It was erected here by Persimmon Homes in 1993 as part of their conversion of the Old Mill to luxury apartments.
[internal reference; 20081017_167574:LEO 3469]
Aerial View of Wetherby (Wetherby)
Colour image1988. Aerial view of Wetherby showing the River Wharfe. At the bend in the river, the tennis courts are visible with Scott Mews at the rear. To the right of the tennis courts is the Old Mill and the weir stretches across the river before it flows under Wetherby Bridge, bottom right. A straight line upwards from the tennis courts takes the eye to the Town Hall building in the centre of the Market Place. The centre of the Market Place is triangular in shape. The High Street crosses Wetherby Bridge, right, continues into North Street and then becomes Deighton Road. Wetherby High School with its tennis courts and playing fields can be seen top right of centre. Part of Wetherby Racecourse is at the top right hand corner.
[internal reference; 2005713_59859866:WE 531757]
Aerial View of Wetherby Town (Wetherby) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view in black and white showing the town of Wetherby. The River Wharfe snakes round in the foreground with a clear view of the weir. Bottom left is Micklethwaite Farm and then the Great North Road crosses the old stone bridge of six arches. The Old Mill can be seen on the western side of the bridge and behind it, the bus station. The Market Place deviates to the left, while the Great North Road continues straight on becoming the High Street, then North Street. Towards the right corner the gasholder is visible. The first gas works were installed in Wetherby in 1845 and gas lighting was in operation from 1852. The Town Hall is almost central to the image at the top of the centre section. To the left, Market Place joins West Gate which bends round to follow the river side. The Cattle Market and cattle pens are directly above the gasholder, and located in Victoria Street.
[internal reference; 2005825_9876650:WE 1]
Aerial View over Wetherby (Wetherby)
Colour image1988. Coloured aerial photograph showing the River Wharfe and the Town of Wetherby. Between the triangle of green, on the left, that is Raby Park and the river, Westgate can be seen. Westgate runs parallel to the river at this point before leaving the river to join the Market Place, below centre, far right. Just above the cluster of buildings centred around the Market Place between Bank Street and High Street, the Parish Curch of St. James is visible, and to the right of it North Street (part of the Great North Road) veers in from the edge. Further up it eventually becomes Deighton Road. Castlegarth can be seen at the bend in the river, and the square green patch left of centre is playing fields behind Crossley Street Primary School.
[internal reference; 2005713_23528689:WE 531756]
Aerial View over Wetherby and Boston Road (the Great North Road) (Wetherby)
Colour image1988. This aerial view shows the River Wharfe spanned by Wetherby Bridge. The bridge carries the Great North Road into Wetherby High Street left and becomes Boston Road enroute to Boston Spa, right. The weir is visible to the left of the bridge. At the Boston Spa side of the bridge, the dark roofs of Micklethwaite Stables can be seen and just before the roundabout, centre, between Boston Road and Wetherby Road is the Ramada Wetherby Hotel. The Police Station and Magistrates Court are on the opposite side of Boston Road.
[internal reference; 2005713_79787845:WE 531758]