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Location - Leeds & District

Church Lane, looking north (Cross Gates)
Black & White imageUndated. Looking north along Church Lane. On the right is the wall of the graveyard of St. James' Church. On the left, a row of terraced houses is numbered 89-99. In the distance Church Lane bears left by the junction with Sandbed Lane. Another row of terraced houses, Roseville Terrace, faces the camera on the right.
[internal reference; 20091019_169629:LEO 4531]
Roseville Road and Rosebud Walk (Sheepscar)
Black & White image1st October 1903. o the left is Roseville Terrace. Street to the right is Rosebud Walk with Roseville Road at the front of the picture. Houses are terraced with outhouses in the back yards. Corner shop is boarded up.
[internal reference; 1510:CLIB Rose 2]
Roseville Terrace and Dolly Lane (Burmantofts)
Black & White image6th May 1907. Derelict shop at the corner, formerly belonging to A Foulston, due for demolition. Two workman with a measuring pole.
[internal reference; 1183:CLIB Dolly 1]
Roseville Terrace No. 11(rear) (Sheepscar) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated View of the back entrances of terraced properties in Roseville Terrace. Number 11 in the centre was the property of Adair, Davy and Mosley at the time of the photograph. The houses have small back yards and stonebuilt outside toilets.
[internal reference; 2004429_89541263:Roseville Terrace]
Roseville Terrace No. 23 (rear) (Sheepscar)
Black & White imageUndated View of the rear entrance to number 23 Roseville Terrace, a red brick built through property. There is a small yard with a brick structure in a poor state of repair which probably housed an outside toilet facility. The dwelling, at this time, was owned by J. Charles & Sons & Carter, Estate Agents.
[internal reference; 2004429_24010867:WYAS/3650/138/2]