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Location - Leeds & District

Garforth Salvation Army Band, group photograph (Garforth)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Garforth Salvation Army Band, an active band who at one time played at Town End every Sunday. Included in the picture, from left to right, are : back row - Mr. Cockerham, Jim Kilburn, David Smith(?), Thomas Kilburn, Mr. Jones; third row - Thomas Lee, John T. Raistrick, Sid Stead, unknown, Mr. Butterfield; second row - three Derbyshire brothers, unknown, Mr. Hill (bandmaster), unknown, Thomas Raistrick, Mr. Goodwin, Mr. Nicholson; front row - unknown, unknown.
[internal reference; 201046_170534:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY PPL9]
Morley Salvation Army Band in front of Windsor House (Morley)
Colour imageJune 1970. Image shows the Morley Salvation Army Band taking part in a Sunday evening service in the open space in front of Windsor House in June 1970. Two years later this space was being built on, with the shops at the bottom of Windsor Court Shopping Precinct and Windsor House being demolished. The co- operative supermarket on the other side of Queen Street did not long survive the opening of Morrison's Supermarket at the top of the precinct, with its vast amount of nearby free parking. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2006125_160463:Morley M 176]
Salvation Army Band (Horsforth)
Black & White image1926 Portrait of Horsforth Salvation Army Band, with instruments. The Salvation Army had a meeting room on Town Street at this time.
[internal reference; 200266_19358462:HO340]