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Location - Leeds & District

Harrogate Road, Ring Road Moortown, aerial view (Moortown)
Black & White imageAerial view looking north-west at two roundabouts on Harrogate Road, which travels from the mid-right to bottom left. The roundabout on the right is crossed from top left to bottom right by the Ring Road. On the far right is St. John the Evangelist church. The left roundabout has the junctions of Stonegate Road (top), Scott Hall Road (centre), Harrogate Road (bottom)and Sandhill Lane running to the bottom centre.
[internal reference; 8432:CLIB Moor 46]
Harrogate Road, Sand Hill Lane (Moortown) (1 comment)
Black & White image22nd October 1935 View shows the south east side of Harrogate Road with Gilbert's butchers at number 484 by the junction with Sand Hill Lane. Three bicycles are leaning up outside. The other houses have wooden fences, some with hedges in front. Two "keep left" signs and a double headed lamp post are on a traffic island and the house in the centre is covered with ivy.
[internal reference; 9190:CLIC Har 72]
Ring Road, Moortown (Moortown)
Black & White image21st January 1938. A field near Providence Place, Harrogate Road, photograph taken in connection with the laying of the section of the Ring Road above Sand Hill Lane.
[internal reference; 2010:C LIB Moor 1]
Sand Hill Lane (Moortown)
Black & White imagec.1915. This postcard view was sent on the 6th August 1915 and shows semi detached houses on Sand Hill Lane, seen from the junction with Harrogate Road. Properties on the odd numbered side of the street can be seen to the left with numbers 12 and 14 on the right. A group of boys stand in the road.
[internal reference; 200434_95272464:T LIC SAND (1)]
Sand Hill Lane, Ring Road (Moortown)
Black & White image21st January 1938. hotograph taken behind the greenhouses on Sand Hill Lane. Buildings on the right demolished to make way for the Ring Road. There is a corrugated metal hut and other metal scrap and rubbish in the foreground.
[internal reference; 2074:CLIB Moor 5]